research the marketing methodology of an existing publicly traded company; using a publicly traded company will provide you with access to a greater amount of information to complete this assignment. 

Include the sections below in your marketing plan.

  • Introduction: Include a brief introduction of the company.
  • Competitive Analysis: Who are your company’s competitors, and how is each differentiated? Identify two or three strengths and two or three weaknesses of your company compared to a minimum of two of your company’s competitors.  
  • Marketing Strategies: What are the marketing strategies used by your company in the management of the global customer brand? Use the four Ps in your analysis, which are listed below.
    • Product: Begin with a theoretical definition of a product. What is the product/service offering by your company? How did the development of these new products affect your company’s marketing strategy?
    • Place: Begin with a theoretical definition of place. What are the distribution channels used by your company?
    • Price: Begin with a theoretical definition of price. What is the pricing strategy used by your company?
    • Promotion: Begin with a theoretical definition of promotion. What are the traditional and digital methods of marketing promotion used by your company? Explain a minimum of three traditional and three digital methods.  
  • Competitive Advantage: Identify whether your company has a competitive advantage in each of the areas of the four Ps. Remember that your company could have a competitive advantage in one area and not in another. Include supporting rationale.

Your submission must be in essay format and use subheadings. You need to include a minimum of five scholarly sources (no blogs, no Wikipedia), and three must be peer-reviewed sources. Your scholarly activity must be at least six pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. APA format is required.


Review 8 papers and summarize in the attached template.

I finished the introduction and will also finish literature review.

 This paper should be a minimum of 15.

 Answer all sections of the template. 

The conclusions or recommendations should be clearly stated and follow the report’s discussion. 

 Recommendations are significant and enhance the report’s impact. 



To make the course engaging for each student, you will select a legal topic to research in Weeks 3 and 5 of the course.  Click HERE for complete instructions and a list of topics. Although you are not required to select the exact topics listed, you should select something closely related. Try to select a topic that reflects an issue that is related to a concern you have in your professional life.   Consult with your instructor if you are unsure whether your topic is acceptable for the class.
Week 3 Deliverables
Provide a short introduction to the topic. Provide some background about the topic selected and why it was selected. Include definitions as necessary. Use more than one paragraph, if needed. You will refine the introduction and background information when submitting the final paper in Week 5.
Literature Review
Conduct an abbreviated literature review related to the topic you selected. A literature review identifies information that is already known about a research topic. Although you will not conduct an actual research study in this class, a summary of scholarly information that has been written about your topic makes up an important component of your project.
For Week 3, locate two scholarly articles related to your topic. Summarize the articles in your own words and explain how they are related to your topic. Do not use published cases for this section. You must use scholarly articles from the South University Online Library. Legal journals may provide some of the best sources of information. 
Laws and Regulations
Research and analyze one law or regulation related to the topic you selected. The information may require research of federal and/or state laws, as well as administrative agency laws. Summarize the information about the law or regulation you found and explain how it applies to your topic.
This week you will find one published case (lawsuit) that is related to the topic you selected. Summarize the case in your own words and explain how it is related to your topic. Provide a summary that includes the name of the case, state or federal court, issue, summary of events and ruling. Explain whether you agree or disagree with the court’s decision.
The following websites may be helpful in finding cases to use in the paper. You must read the actual case and not a summary found on law firm websites, blogs and similar sources.
FindLaw – Caselaw.findlaw.com Justia – http://law.justia.com/cases/
Public Library of Law – http://www.plol.org/Pages/Search.aspx Leagle – http://leagle.com
Open Jurist – http://openjurist.org
Formatting Instructions
Review detailed instructions for the assignment. 
Write a 1 to 2 page paper about the topic.
Use APA format for the paper, including cover page and separate reference page. Review the APA materials located in the Library Research Guide.
Name your document SU_MBA5005_W3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
Submission Details:
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.
Submit the paper to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned


You will describe the marketing mix for your project(General Motors), including product, promotion, distribution, and pricing. Paper length: 3-4 pp. not including title page and references. 


due date: 10/3

Please read my team project “Jollibee” before answering. 

**Need textual references (textbook–please include page#) and external research


 How To Analyze a Television Commercial 


Topic: Consumer perception of bottles and tap water

Create a 10 slide powerpoint on your chosen topic. Be sure to include information related to the acquisition, consumption or disposal of the product or service. The topic should increase your understanding of an aspect of consumer behavior in ways that can benefit a business or consumers.


NOTE: Focus on question 5 and mostly on 5B of the tagged instructions

Thank you for your work.  The key to success on this assignment is to consider strategy from the perspective of the tools that have been provided in the text, as well as your reading, and experience to provide an integrated response for the future direction of the assigned company.  


Unfortunately, you did not do well meeting the goals that were established for this Case Study.  You were not able to demonstrate your understanding and application of the tools in support of a strategy (or strategies). 



·  Did you use the tools provided by Strategy Club (From the assignment instructions:  The Strategy Club has excellent templates/examples for exhibits and matrices: http://strategyclub.com/free-student-template/)? 

·  The SWOT Analysis is key and provides the foundation for the strategy. 

·  The SWOT Analysis Should be Measurable and Quantifiable?  Why, why, why, why, why?  Dig deeper and be sure to have comparable. 

·  You should have 10 elements found in each of the SWOT quadrantes.  Each element should be measurable and quantifiable. 

·  What does the SWOT, IFE, EFE, and Financial Analysis tell us? 

·  Did you discuss (in detail) the analysis (SWOT, IFE, EFE, and Financials) in the discussion portion of this paper? 

·  The is no information in your appendices.  Where is your SWOT, IFE, and EFE?  


Points Earned: 

·  Mission/Objectives Strategies (Max Pts – 5):  4.5 

·  New Mission Statement (Max Pts – 5):  5 

·  Existing Business Model (Max Pts – 5):  5 

·  SWOT Analysis (Max Pts – 25):  10 

·  Financial Statements and Analysis (Max Pts – 20):  15 

·  Ratio Analysis (Max Pts – 20):  17 

·  Mechanics and Format (Max Pts –



Please read the case study several times to familiarize yourself with the company’s situation.  Then, think about the following questions when you are analyzing the case:

1.     What are the major challenges facing Sweet Leaf?

2.     Assess the company’s internal capabilities and external operating environment.  What implications can be drawn for the marketing strategy?

3.     Perform a customer and competitive analysis for Sweet Leaf.  What implications can be drawn for the marketing strategy?

4.     Assess the profitability of the existing distribution channels.  What conclusions can you make?

By answering these questions, thoroughly, you have enough information to design a comprehensive marketing strategy for Sweet Leaf that includes a target market choice, distribution strategy and promotion plan.  Pricing and product line recommendations should also be considered.  Make sure you justify your plans with explanations, details, and external sources (qualitative and quantitative).  Use APA format for your analysis including the citations and references.


In addition to this week’s resources, you may need to do some supplemental research to complete this assignment. Focus on scholarly and professional publications and avoid Wikipedia and blogs.

Scenario: You have accepted an invitation to give a lecture at a local college on coaching. As a handout for the class, use the brochure feature of Microsoft Word or another tool to prepare an informational brochure to compare and contrast the role of coach, consultant, and trainer. As you describe similarities and differences, help the reader understand each role by providing examples. Include three open-ended questions for each role your audience might consider each role. Remember to support definitions and assertions with sources. Avoid using direct quotes and instead paraphrase and cite. 

Length: Your finished product should be a tri-folder brochure that includes both front and back.

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.