The Process of responding to disaster and outbreak is a great challenge that facing public health system, Write  an essay : answering on the following: 

1- What  the main phases of disasters.

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2-Demonstrate the role and activities of public health authorities in each phase regarding the covid-19 outbreak response in KSA.  



1. Font should be 12 Times New Roman

2. Heading should be Bold

3. The text color should be Black 

4. Line spacing should be 1.5

5. Length of the write-up should be not more than 500 words.

6. Avoid Plagiarism

7. Assignments must be submitted with the filled cover page

8. All assignments must carry the references using APA style. Please see below web link about how to cite APA reference style.

9. https://guides.libraries.psu.edu/apaquickguide/intext. Click or tap to follow the link.