Tell your story of a personal experience with moral courage. Explain a situation or circumstance where you observed or participated in a situation when moral courage was displayed.

Review the module notes and readings, and reflect upon why you think more people do not engage in moral courage when experiencing a conflicting situation. Relate the importance of where one is situated along the stages of moral reasoning and if one is too many stages beyond another individual, what may be the underlying issues of understanding another’s perspective?

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  • Provide 1 exemplar of a time when you experienced a conflict and the action(s) you took in response to the conflict. Explain those action(s) from the perspective of Kohlberg’s and Gilligan’s stages of moral reasoning and levels of caring, respectively. Reflect upon this experience and identify what you have learned (new knowledge) and what challenged your assumptions and resulted in you engaging in unlearning or understanding something from a different perspective.
  • Discuss why you identified yourself as being at that stage and how this aligns with your beliefs and assumptions as a professional nurse. Think about your emerging identify as a BS prepared registered nurse and describe what you might do now, at this moment in time, to change or reinforce the action you took when faced with conflict. How does this support becoming the professional nurse you want to be?
  • Talk out loud with your peers and articulate 2 solutions you as a nurse can endorse and implement within a healthcare environment or community setting that promotes moral courage, mutual respect, authenticity, and integrity as a professional.
  • Integrate text/article readings, module notes, and one other scholarly article that support your responses to the discussion questions and solutions for enhancing moral courage.