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There are a few ways of evaluating evidence and ensuring that evidence is appropriate for one’s research topics. It is important that when utilizing online resources that it is peer reviewed, not biased, up to dates and official and reviewed as credible sources.

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Two different ways of evaluating evidence includes utilizing quantitative or qualitative research. There are two different types of research methods that use throughout research. Qualitative research focuses on “processes and meanings, patients’ perceptions and experience” (LCC Library, 2020). In qualitative research, it is involving “behaviors, subjective devices like interviews, drawings or journaling” (LCC Library, 2020). Quantitative research is more focused on “analyzing data, comparing metrics or data sets” (LCC Library, 2020). Quantitative research involves different “hypothesis and theories to be verified through data and fact finding” (LCC Library, 2020).

Quantitative data is answering numerical questions whereas qualitative data is describing and discovering subjective data. Both data are important, and they do both play roles in research and discovering evidence-based practices. I find that quantitative research assists with giving numbers and data behind specific research that relates or does not relate to our data. Qualitative data brings a different aspect of importance to research which is the subjective and personal feelings that are often needed throughout the research. Each research brings their own perspectives to research. I tend to like a mixture of both to have substantial and effective research and literature for my projects.