activity 6.4

The textbook and the video in this module discuss the value of effective collaborative networks but don’t go into much detail in describing specifically what constitutes a collaborative network. In this assignment you are to write a 4 – 5 page research paper in current APA format on collaborative networks in which you develop a model for an effective global network supporting a distributed team. The paper should be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction/Overview: Describe the motivation for the paper, clearly stating the research you are conducting, and identify your reasons for choosing the particular papers you choose.
  2. Individually summarize each of the papers you chose in order to clearly communicate your research results.
  3. Outline the environment/requirements that shape the network you are going to propose.
  4. Propose a specific approach to creating a collaborative network that supports a globally distributed team engaged in airport construction in third world countries, being sure to include proper citations and references.

class– global project management

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