Analytical Report

Topic: Health Care Industry in America


Requirements to be Followed:

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The report should:

·         be single-spaced,

·         written in business format,

·         have an appropriate cover memo and title page,

·         be segmented with proper subordination of subsections,

·         include both in-text references and a References list page (APA format) and

·         include a list of additional resources as an appendix.


Types of information to consider including:

1.       Definition and explanation of the situational problem you will address

2.       Who is affected by this problem?

3.       How much money or man power will it cost to find a workable solution to this problem.

4.       what impact will it have on the occupational community you are addressing

5.       Resources



·         Follow general Formal Report Design

·         Single-spaced, block/business format

·         Times New Roman (or similar) 12-pt Font, 1-inch Margins

·         APA Style References: minimum 6 quality research sources (not google searches – you will need to look a journals, articles, etc.)

·         Body of report to be 4-6 pages in length at minimum, excluding title page, References page(s) and appendices (complete report will be 9-10 pages in length).


·         Include additional resource list as appendix