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Please pay careful attention to the instructions in each section.  Read the instructions thoroughly.  Be sure to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.


Part I Definitions and Original Sentences

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Define the five words or phrases below.  Then, use each word or phrase in a complete, original sentence.   You should have definitions for all these terms in your notebook.  You may use a dictionary.

·         An original sentence is a complete sentence that you have invented, created and written down; an original sentence is NOT copied from a book or article or dictionary or other source.


1.      Pace yourself.

2.      Maxim.

3.      Uncouth.

4.      Figurative language.

5.      Critical thinking.


Part II           Literary Texts


1.      In “Sonny’s Blues,” the narrator was a married man with children.  What other aspects of the narrator’s life did we learn about in the story that support his status as a married man with children?  In other words, what did Baldwin tell us that makes it convincing that the narrator could be a married man with children?  Consider the defining characteristics of the narrator in order to answer this question. 3-5 complete sentences.

2.      In Sula, Eva lived a long life.  What defining characteristics did Morrison give to Eva that help to convince us that Eva could live so long?  3-5 complete sentences.


Part III          Authors/Research


To answer the four questions below, research the author listed.  For number four, you will need to choose an author.  Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph for each answer.  Feel free to use material you have already turned in for number one, but be sure to submit the correct number of sentences.  Give at least one citation for each question, to show which article or online site or publication you used for your research.  No Wikipedia.


1.      Who is James Baldwin?

2.      Who is Toni Morrison?

3.      Who is A.J. Verdelle?


4.      Discuss a fourth author of your choice.  [Or, answer: Who is William Rhoden?]