For Unit 2:

Visit the following website and explore the Palace of Versailles (hint – click on The Palace, the museum — on the left):

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From the above website and the information in the lectures and your book, answer the following questions:

1Ã¥) How does Versailles reflect the French Baroque period?  Discuss at least 3 specific characteristics of the palace that make it a Baroque building.  Use examples (images). Post your answer to the Discussion Board – Unit 2 Discussion  and Response. (Minimum 150 words) (25 points)

2) Respond to at least one other classmates’ response.  Do you agree or disagree with their assessment?  Why or why not?  Post your answer to the Discussion Board – Unit 2 Essay and Response.  Click on Respond to respond to another student’s answer.  (Minimum 50 words) (5 points)