BUS616: International Business

Need work done 10 pages

To do it you need to have economics/management background


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Select a company that you are familiar with and write a paper that evaluates all aspects of the company’s organization with respect to the concepts that you learned in this course.  In the Introduction, please provide some historical background of the company and its financial and international dealings.

The paper must include at least four of the following topics:

  1. Culture of the organization – values and norms
  2. Ethics in international dealings
  3. Foreign Direct Investment
  4. Entry into the markets
  5. Accounting practices
  6. How it converts currency
  7. Its international strategy
  8. Strategic positioning
  9. Marketing tactics

Your assignment must include at least one table and/or figure within the body of the paper.

Use proper APA formatting for the caption of your table(s) or figure(s).  You are required to use in-text citations, and provide a reference page with at least ten (10) references,


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