Business etiquette is an important component for Business Professionals to consider. You may already work in a business environment or may be anticipating working in a business environment. Understanding how to respond professionally and with decorum is essential to becoming a well-rounded business professional. For this assignment you will choose one of the topics below to research. Once you have a good understanding about how to handle this topic in a professional manner, write a one-to-two page paper on this aspect of Business Etiquette. You may research this topic in the Library and by finding reliable resources on the Internet. For this assignment you will write a one-to-two page paper about your specific chosen topic. Discuss at least four points that are important considerations for the topic you chose and include 2 or 3 sentences discussing why each point is important to consider as a business professional. Be sure to include •Title Page •Introduction •4 points about the specific Business Etiquette topic •Summary •Reference page *Topics Below* Cubical space- Your Company provides work space that is designed with dividers in a larger room to partition off individual work space. Research at least four rules for this type of business arrangement. Dress– What is meant by “business casual” or “corporate casual”. How should you dress for interviews? Embarrassing Situations– How do you handle situations that are embarrassing to another? For example, someone leaves a personal item on the copier or your co-worker or boss needs a breath mint. New associates– How do you handle when you are the new employee, how do you greet someone else who is new to the company? Job relationships– Your co-worker is fired, what do you do? Is it wise to develop work relations outside of work? If so, what rules of etiquette apply? Phone Calls– An angry caller is on the other end of the phone. A family member calls to discuss a personal matter. Sharing space– Someone ate something you brought to work for your lunch; Keeping the community area clean. Office Donations- contributing to the employee functions (birthdays, baby showers, etc. Formal letter or Personal Note– when is one more appropriate than the other? Business dining– Choosing the restaurant, topics of discussion, dining manners, etc Office Décor– How many personal items should you have at work? Who/what are you sharing?