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In this activity, you will present 10 activities that can be used to teach 1 lab exercise online. To complete this activity, select 1 exercise we completed this semester (1 exercise not 1 week). Then, develop 10 activities to teach this exercise. These must be original; you may not use any of the activities we completed during this lab or the ones accompanying the lab manual or myaandp website. You may find activities online or develop them yourself. If you find these online, they must be from an educational website (another school, educational organization, etc.). Remember, these activities must be for an online class. They cannot include activities where students must meet together or come to campus. You can design activities to be completed at home as long as the materials needed are household supplies and do not require students to purchase expensive items. You may use other resources you have, but you must make sure that these are resources available to all other students. (You may not reference other textbooks because other students may not have that particular book. For example, your lecture textbook, not all students taking online lab are taking the lecture also. Some are taking it from different instructors who use a different textbook. They may not have access to the particular book you are using.)

In presenting this assignment, you will need to develop a name for the activity, write a short paragraph describing the activity, provide instructions for completing the activity (if needed), and identify the source for your activity. This information must be provided for each of the 10 activities you present. Follow this formatPreview the documentView in a new window on the for submitting. Please submit as a Microsoft word file.

This activity will be worth 25 points. You will receive 2.5 points for each activity you present. You will be graded on quality of activity (1pt), desciption of activity (1pt), and source (0.5pts). You will receive partial credit for activities submitted.

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