class diagram

I would like to make class diagram for (Create Account, Email Confirmation, and Account Activation):

#User registers for an account on System

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#User enters the following data:

– username

-user email


Chosen User Identifier for the account – System must ensure the user id is at least 5 characters, and no existing accounts with the same user id

– If same user id exists, System must require User to choose another user id


#Password – System must ensure the password must be at least 9 characters but no more than 18 characters long.  Password must contain some upper case and lower characters, some digits, and some special characters such as $, !, #, -, etc…

– For example, CSUF-spring2015

# User submits account registration form è Must use GRASP and/or GoF patterns to create and store new account information

# Upon account registration submission, System sends an email to User è Must use GRASP and/or GoF patterns

User must activate the account upon receipt of email within 15 days (adaptable)

-System will remove account if User does not activate the account within 15 days


The classes that you should use it:

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
  • DBHandler
  • EmailHandler

 class diagrams should includes every thing as the attachment example