Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast



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The Assignment:

You will write a 2-page essay comparing and contrasting three or four aspects of two different cultures (countries or regions) that you are familiar with.  For example, you may choose to compare and contrast art, food, music, religion, family life, gender roles, etc.


Assignment Guidelines:

  • You must have an effective introduction that gains the readers’ interest
  • You must use topic sentences and your paragraphs must be well organized
  • Transitions between ideas to show similarities and differences must be used regularly
  • You must have both simple and compound sentences in your essay
  • You must use a point by point arrangement that we have discussed in class
  • You must use relative clauses as discussed in class
  • You must use comparatives (as…as) as discussed in class
  • Use (Unless & Even if) – (Who & That)

Other Requirements:

  • Must be 2 double-spaced pages in length (3 pages at most)
  • Must be double-spaced and in MLA format with 12pt Times New Roman font
  • You must email the assignment to the instructor by the due date, or you will receive a zero