Criminology DB

1.  We spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources on victimless crims such as gambling, prostitution, drug use, etc. These are generally considered morality crimes. Do you think this effort should continue or should we simply focus on the more serious crimes? Why or why not?


2.  What did Durkheim mean by the “normality of crime”? Is the presence of crime a normal part of society? How does crime serve a function in society? See reading on page 24 of your text.

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3. Read Chapter 1 and answer the following study questions. Please submit them in the Digital Drop Box located in this Lessons folder. They must be saved as a MS word.doc


Text page 21 answer Self-Test short answer # 7,8, & 9

Respond to the following:   A. What is the difference between a mala in se and a mala prohibita crime?  

                                                   B. Define mens rea. What part does it play in the concept of crime?

Refer to book “Criminology Second Edition”  if needed.