Essay 3 Assignment

For Essay 3, write a four (4) to seven (7) page paper about  1.) How social media has changed our lives, or  2.) Climate change.

  Focus on finding the articles first. Then, once you collect several articles, print them out, read them, and decide on the best ones.

Length: 4 to 7 pages. The 4-7 page length does not include the Works Cited page. The works cited page is a separate page after the last page of your paper, but it is still connected to your essay. So, just hit enter until you come to page four (or whatever the last page is) of your paper, then title it Works Cited.

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  List the entries (sources) alphabetically. Do not upload your Works Cited page as a separate file.

A  minimum of four sources is required. Please note: Your textbooks for this class are not  sources.

For an A paper, you need to use articles from EFSC library databases as your research article sources!

If you insist on going to the Web to look for articles, I urge you stay away from .coms.

Sometimes, .edu sites have decent articles. At times, a .org will have scholarly sources but may be extremely slanted or biased in some way. Generally, I suggest you stay away from .gov for a college research paper. Use the excellent resources available to you through EFSC databases. 

I do not consider Wikipedia or Sparknotes or or Dreamessay