You are the financial management team for Huffman Trucking, responsible for creating the financial portion of a strategic plan. You must obtain information from the human resources departments to complete it.


Review Huffman Trucking’s financial information located in the attachment

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Create a spreadsheet for the department manager to complete his or her budget. Refer to the finance and accounting information for budget examples.


Include an area in each spreadsheet for managers to list major assumptions.


Draft a memo directed to department managers, containing the following information:


•             A summary of team players and their role in creating a strategic plan

•             Instructions explaining how managers should complete their budgets in the spreadsheets, including information needed to prepare a cash flow budget, and to time cash coming in and going out


Create a sales forecast predicting sales over the next 2 years. Use financial information available on the Huffman Trucking Web site to create the forecast.



Format the memo consistent with APA guidelines.