Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr

·       A 400-500 word entry for assigned reading

·       include full citation information for additional sources.  Use proper in-text citations.

·       A thoughtful reflection on your reading of the piece—evidence that you have “engaged” the text.

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·       The avoidance of gratuitous plot summary or condensation.

·       Find a research to support your reflection/argument.


record a thoughtful response to the essay, addressing an issue of substance. This might have to do with the particular rhetorical mode we are studying. Or it might be a considered reflection on what you liked or disliked about the text, what questions it raised, or what the text made you think of, and why. Please, avoid mere plot summary or simplistic condensation. Select one or maybe two interesting elements of the text in question and record your thoughts and responses.

Research a current (within the last two years for a pop culture source, ten years for a scholarly article) issue that is relevant to the essay at hand.  Link this material critically to your journal response. 

Given the length of the entry, it is important to focus on a specific, selected element of interest; don’t try to account for the entire reading.

That having been said, your paper should reflect your own reading and research practices; it is a space for you to express your own personality and opinions. Feel free to use the first person and to adopt a personal, perhaps slightly more informal tone in your entries.