This assignment needs to be 2-3 paragraphs.  Jones takes his favorite bike into the shop to get repaired. They tell him that they will have to order parts and it will be ready for pick-up in two weeks. Excited, Jones returns to the shop with $100 to pay for the repairs and pick up his bike but the owner cant seem to locate the bike so he sends Jones on his way and tells him that one of his employees must have misplaced the bike and that he will call him in a day or so when he can talk to the employees and figure out its whereabouts. After talking to the employees and getting no answers from then, The owner reviewed the security camera footage only to find that one of his new employees sold the bike and pocketed the money. If Jones finds out who is now in possession of his bike, can he legally regain possession of the bike? What leverage does Jones have against the shop owner and the employee that sold the bike?