This week, you also have to read the article “In The News: TKTS and Other Schemes” (pages 318-319, chapter 15) Week 4 Article.pdf ).

How is the article from Chapter 15 similar or different than those assigned during the previous three weeks?  Do you conclude that the price system is efficient? 

You also need to refer, and justify, at least two different “key concepts” from week 4, especially to those found in chapter 15.  Remember that the “key concepts” are found at the end of every chapter.

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The concepts need to be named and defined either at the beginning of your posts or within each post using CAPITAL LETTERS.  You need to explain how the concepts are illustrated, not just mention them.  If you don’t name and define concepts, your posts will be given only “participation” credit (not “illustration” credit).  Good grades will be assigned only to students who respond by using the concepts listed above.  Your personal experiences can be helpful to clarify concepts and illustrations, but your grade will not be influenced by long posts containing only personal stories and opinions.  You need to show both evidence of reading the articles and learning concepts from week 4.