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Class Task Due
BUSN150 – 1302B – 01
1. Ethics, Morality and Legalities – The Legal System & Ethics



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2. Liability and Accountability – Internet Business and the Law
  1. Explain the differences and similarities of the types of invasion of privacy.
  2. What do lemon laws,The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and general warranties have in common?
  3. What dangers do defective products pose to the public and the legal system?
  4. Please use at least one research site to support your statements.

The deliverable length requirement is five pages. For additional research and APA information, please read Appendix A, B, C, G, and R.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Unit Materials


Reading Assignment:

Business Law, chapters 2, 3, 4, & 5

Due Date:

6/23/2013 11:59:59 PM (-3 Days)

Total Pts:


Points Earned:








Deliverable Length:

5 pages

Assignment Type:

Individual Project




Other Info:

Assignment will be counted
Submissions will not be added to student ePortfolios

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