Persuasive Speech on Wage Gap Amongst Genders (for making wages equal for both genders)

I have a speech that I need to present on Tuesday March 26th. It is a persuasive speech on the gender wage gap in America. There needs to be credible sources used and at least 5 verbal citations. I will attach the outline for this speech which includes the topic, purpose statement, and thesis statement as well as sources I would like to be used. The speech needs to be 7.5-9 minutes long.


Basically, using the model I have provided, I am asking you to write a 7.5-9 minute long speech on this subject, using the sources I have provided, persuading my audience to agree that women and men wages should be equal. I would like a phrase outline to also be formed, using the model outline with descriptions I have attached. I would like to have this completed and turned into me by tomorrow at 5:00 pm at the latest.

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