Phase 5 Individual Project (1 to 2 pages)

The final paper has multiple sections. Please read the following carefully.

Review the comments from your instructor and classmates and make revisions to your Phase 4 Individual Project. Then, add a 1-2 page response to the following questions in your final draft:


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  • Can science help answer questions about how or if we should be using non-renewable energy resources?
  • To support your answer, select one example (e.g. oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, oil in the Middle East, mountaintop mining in Kentucky) and explain the role of science in the decision-making process.


The above information is to be compiled into one document and submitted as the final paper. This document will contain five sections: Title Page, Abstract, P4IP (with revisions), P5IP Prompts, and the Combined Reference Section. Make sure all references are cited properly!