PHY Paper


  • General Instructions â€“ The final exam consist of essays questions.  You are to choose four (4) essay questions and answer completely.   This represents an extended due date form the original date.

    Instructions: You are to choose four (4) essay questions and answer completely. Each answer is to be approximately three-quarters to one page in length (overall final exam must not exceed 4 pages, excluding cover and reference section). Do not include the exam question in your answer; use the question number to identify your response (e.g. Question 3, then your answer).  You are required to answer each submitted question thoroughly for full credit.

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    Answers should reflect your thoughts on the question, not the text or other materials presented in class.  It is important to support your response with course materials (e.g., textbook, other class materials, and sources you discovered through the class) and work experiences to demonstrate understanding.  You must cite your sources (refer to APA guide, under the Resources Tabs).  As such, make every effort to speak in your own voice by limiting the amount of quoted materials in your answers.

    Upload your completed exam as a Word or pdf document at the designated location by the due date and time (do not use any other format).  Each question is worth 10 points each (total of 40 points). 

    Students are prohibited from collaborating with other students in the completion of this exam. Students who are found to violate this directive will fail the exam and may possibly fail the course.