You are the manager of a foodservice and are trying to decide whom to hire to do janitorial work at your foodservice. In the past you have hired an employee to do this work after the foodservice is closed. You have had some good ones, but also some problem employees. All seem only to stay for 6 months to a year and then quit or are fired. You are thinking of maybe hiring an outside agency to provide this work for you, but are not sure if that will fix the problem. You also are thinking of just hiring another employee to do this work.

1) Find a company Internet site that provides Cleaning Services for foodservice companies.

– Identify through the website the type of cleaning service(s) the company offers.

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– Contact a representative of this Cleaning Company and ask:

– What type of foodservice companies are their main/key client (independent or Chain type)?

– What is the key component they offer that is the primary factor why Foodservice Companies hire them?

– What, do they believe is the key service component that makes their company a better choice than a foodservice choosing to use their own employees to do cleaning.

2) Discuss which you believe is the best to use-

– Hire an Outside Cleaning Agency


– Stay with In-House cleaning.

– Identify and discuss the critical factors on which you would base your decision.

– Why is hiring an Outside Cleaning Agency an advantage over using your own employees? What are the disadvantages of an Outside Cleaning Service?

– Discuss any personal or anecdotal information of working in a foodservice that assisted you in making this decision. What factor(s) were involved with this foodservice that persuaded you to choose one option over the other?

3)        Contact a manager of a foodservice and discuss what you found through your research and why you believe one option is best over the other.

– Ask the manager to explain which option they use NOW?

– What they have done in the PAST?

– Why they changed from one to the other?

– Which Option do they believe to be the BEST