CJ 301


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Independent Project #3 




20 Points






YOUR NAME: _________________________________


Due date: April 12,  Sunday by midnight






After reading Chapters 6 & 7 in your textbook and notes posted under the “Modules”, please complete:




  • Construct a CROSSTABULATION with the variables COLLBING and RELIGION from the BINGE.SAV data file. (I am attaching the data set to the assignment area).



    • Variable COLLBING will be a dependent variable (place it in the row), variable RELIGION will be an independent variable (place it in the column).
    • Remember to request column percentages; do not request row and total percentages.
  • Show your work (attach all tables).—copy table and paste it in the word doc.




Please use the following Data set for this project: binge1-1.sav




  1. Write a hypothesis about these two variables (COLLBING and RELIGION).








  1. What is the epsilon comparing binge drinking between respondents who think religion is a IMPORTANT ACTIVITY and those respondents who think religion is NOT AN IMPORTANT ACTIVITY?








  1. What percentage of respondents who report religion is SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT report NEVER BINGE DRINKING?








  1. Is your hypothesis supported or not supported by this bivariate analysis?








  1. Continuing to use the BINGE.SAV data file, recode AGE into a new age variable that distinguishes between:


  21 years old and over     and  


  under 21 years old.


Crosstab this new age variable with COLLBING.








  1. What is the epsilon between underage binge drinkers and 21-year-old and over binge drinkers?









7. Which group is more likely to binge drink? Is this what you expected?