Week 8 Assignment: Object-Oriented Design

I need this assignment done ASAP and i need it done correctly.  If you can do it and do it right, then let me know.  I will post all the info that you may need for this assignment.


Generate an object-oriented design for a system that keeps tracks of your CD and DVD collection.

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Identify each of the classes, associated data, and operations for the classes.

Generate the pseudocode for each of the classes as demonstrated on p. 458 in Ch. 9 of Prelude to Programming.

Draw a GUI that will create the objects and provide access to each object’s processing methods.

Note. Use the drawing tool in Microsoft® Word or in any other applicable drawing tool to complete this part of the assignment.


For this assignment, all you have to do is write the OO example of the CD/DVD collection.  Write the pseudocode as an OO representative.  This is an example which is in OO:


1 Class Cube

2 Declare Protected Side As Float

3 Declare Protected Volume As Float

4 //create constructor

5 Public Cube()

6 Set Side = 1.0

7 Set Volume = 1.0

8 End Constructor

9 Public Subprogram SetSide(NewSide)

10 Set Side = NewSide

11 End Subprogram

12 Public Subprogram ComputeVolume()

13 Set Volume = Side^3

14 End Subprogram

15 Public Function GetVolume() As Float

16 Set GetVolume = Volume

17 End Function

18 Public Function GetSide() As Float

19 Set GetSide = Side

20 End Function

21 End Class

22 Class SquareBox Extends Cube

23 Declare Private Height As Float

24 //create constructor

25 Public SquareBox()

26 Set Height = 1.0

27 Set Side = 1.0

28 Set Volume = 1.0

29 End Constructor

30 Public Subprogram SetHeight(NewHeight)

31 Set Height = NewHeight

32 End Subprogram

33 Public Function GetHeight() As Float

34 Set GetHeight = Height

35 End Function

36 Public Subprogram ComputeVolume()

37 Set Volume = Side^2 * Height

38 End Subprogram


39 End Class